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Mortgage Investments
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Mortgage loan
Here is a current investment summary. As always, please respond quickly.

  • Investment type: First mortgage, fixed rate, monthly payments
  • Purpose: Rehab, and resale of  3-family property. Location NJ 07552.
  • Borrower: Experienced developer, property manager, and re-seller.
  • LX Financial history: 20+. Excellent performance and payment records.
  • Loan amount: $190,000 (Actual advance is $178,600. See Investment Summary).
  • Loan to value: 59%
  • Term: 12 months
  • Interest rate: 12%. Interest only payments of $1,900 per month.
  • Return on investment: 1st 6 months are prepaid, increasing the yield to 12.89% (IRR)
  • Partial investment: Possible. Take part or all in pari passu.

The full information package (including appraisal) is available now. Let me know if you have any questions/interest. Thanks, PL.


Paul Luykx, CEO
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