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Profit-sharing investment
First mortgage security with a fixed profit participation


Here is a current investment summary. As always, please respond quickly.

Type                Mortgage loan with profit share bonus

Purpose         Flip only (no rehab), and resale of a 2-family property. Location: 07103
Funding:               65% of Appraised Resale Value
Borrower:             Experienced developer, property manager, and re-seller.
Est. project time  6 months
Max. project time: 12 months
Investment          $215,000 (Take all, or part in pari passu)
Profit share for cash investments: 1.00% per month + 5% bonus at time of exit
ROI: Projected return on investment, Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 23.3%    
Security: First mortgage  
Let me know if you have any questions/interest. The full information package (including appraisal) is available now.

Check the Investment Summary

The full information package (including appraisal) is available now. Let me know if you have any questions/interest. Thanks, PL.



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